Democrats, Republicans and Local Leaders Support Mike


Employers Endorse Mike to Help Create More Jobs

Doctors Endorse Mike for His Support for Access to Quality Healthcare


Elected Officials in the District Who Know Both Candidates Choose Mike

  • Belle Isle Commissioner Ed Gold, Jr. 
  • Belle Isle Commissioner Harvey Readey
  • Belle Isle Commissioner Lydia Pisano

Orlando City Commissioners Back Mike

  • Orlando City Commissioner Jim Gray

Unanimous Support from the Winter Park City Commission

  •  Winter Park City Mayor Ken Bradley
  • Winter Park City Commissioner Steve Leary
  • Winter Park City Commissioner Sarah Sprinkel
  • Winter Park City Commissioner Tom McMacken
  • Winter Park City Commissioner Carolyn Cooper

Unanimous Support from Edgewood Council Members

  • Edgewood Mayor Ray Bagshaw
  • Edgewood Council Member Neil Powell
  • Edgewood Council Member Pam Henley
  • Edgewood Council Member and Former Mayor Dan Drummond
  • Edgewood Council President John Dowless
  • Edgewood Council Member Michael Hendrix