Jobs and the Economy

  • Balance the State's Budget and keep taxes low.

  • Grow jobs and Florida's Economy by cutting onerous regulations, making the needs of small businesses a priority, and getting government out of the way of Florida's job-creators.

  • Prepare a Highly Trained Workforce by ensuring that Florida's colleges and universities are preparing students for our emerging high-tech economy.

  • Oppose Obamacare by encouraging market based solutions to healthcare issues. 

  • Foster Florida's Private Space Industry by making sure Florida's existing launch infrastructure is available for commercial use. 

  • Enhance the Intellectual Hub of Medical City to accelerate development and job creation in Central Florida.



  • Make Education Funding a Priority and oppose harmful cuts.

  • Keep More in the Classroom where it helps our kids the most and protect against wasteful bureaucratic spending.

  • Reward our Hardworking and Exceptional Teachers for their commitment to our children and community.

  • Ensure High Standards and Accountability and empower parents with the information and access necessary to guide their children's education, and ensure prompt intervention when a school is failing.

  • Protect and Strengthen the Successful Neighborhood Charter Schools such as Lake Eola Charter and Cornerstone Charter in Belle Isle.

  • Expand Educational Opportunities for families to customize courses and send their children to the school that will best meet their unique needs, which is something the charter schools have been very successful in doing. We should focus on expanding opportunities in both grade school and higher-learning, including online opportunities and career and technical education.


Taxes and Spending

  • Fight to Reduce Taxes.
  • Protect Florida's "Back to School Tax Holidays" for Moms and Dads.

  • Cut the Tangibles Tax, which acts as a penalty on small employers who need to invest in new equipment.

  • Champion Zero-Based Budgeting, requiring bureaucracies to justify their programs rather than receive "automatic budget renewal"

  • Oppose Tax Increases and protect citizens' rights to vote on proposed future increases.



  • Ban fracking in Florida, to protect our aquifer.
  • Protect Florida's water supply, by ensuring that environmental regulations are strickly followed.

  • Create smart policies, that allow for environmentally responsible and sustainable growth.



District 47 Concerns

  • Protect "Home Rule" for our Cities of Belle Isle, Edgewood, Orlando, and Winter Park and oppose unfunded mandates from Tallahassee.

  • Fight Crime by Assisting Local Law Enforcement with grants to help put more police patrols in targeted neighborhoods and schools.

  • Schedule Regular Meetings with District 47 city and neighborhood leaders in the four municipalities and neighborhoods.

  • Work with Florida DOT to ensure state roads in our area are maintained and repaired in a timely manner.